An attractive landing page and a powerful internet marketing is all you need to become successfull online
Turn your website into a client magnet
Landing page experience
Social Media Marketing
Email campaigns
Wheter it's a laptop, a phone or a tablet, the responsive view and self-adjusting content will stay crisp and sharp
Optimized for all devices
We will promote your brand and services on popular social platforms and media channels
Social media engagement

We help you attract new clients using the power of Internet.

Creative Web Development

Is your website out of shape? Or do you need a brand new one? Let us help you out. We can either appraise and optimize your existing site or eCommerce store, or create a modern landing page to attract new clients. Our dedicated team of developers, designers and copywriters will get the job done. Check out our works.

Powerful Online Marketing

Are you ready for new customers? We would thoroughly research your market, determine your targeted audience, and create a powerful personalized marketing campaign with immersive advertising, social media engagement, email interaction, copywriting and other effective strategies. Here's the effect.

Professional SEO services

Our focus lays on your results

Nordic IT Solutions AS is an altruistic organisation, that strives to help it's customers reach for new heights in business. Here are the most common challenges that we face and solve for our clients.

99% of companies want to appear on the first page of Google

yet only 32% actually own a website,

and almost no marketing strategy.

We get everything fixed in the shortest period of time.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Design, Search Engine & Social Media Experts

1. Niche Research

We make an in-depth research on your business niche. A targeted audience is then determined, and a clear marketing strategy gets assembled.

Using latest technology, our team of dedicated developers will assist you on improving your website for higher customer attraction.

Our creative team of copywriters will create, translate, widen and optimize the content of your site and promotional material to immerse the reader.

Exposure means awareness - and that's what we are after. Maximize your presence on various social channels to acquiant targeted audience with your products or services.

While facts can be boring, storytelling is fun and catchy. We specialize in creating attractive headlines and ads to evoke an emotional load and seduce the reader to click your link.

In addition, we expose various effective methods and strategies, like email marketing, blogging, giveaways, sweepstakes, special offers, affiliate and influencer marketing, etc.

They trust us

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