Skøyenåsen Tannklinikk Marketing


Skøyenåsen Tannklinikk provides an expert dental care for it's customers. A wide variety of services and customer-first approach is among clinic's top priorities.

Massive lead generation through the website.
People started browsing through website's pages 3 times more than before
High advertisments' relevance almost eradicated the negative bounce rate from the site!
A constant increase in unique visitors driven to the website.


The website needed a complete redesign. There was only a single Google Adwords campaign running, that was hardly producing any results. Social media was present only at a bare minimum and lacked customer engagement.


After making a market research by closely studying company's business niche, we assembled a targeted audience and made significant improvements to website's design. Right away we positively impacted the bounce rate of the homepage. Afterwards, we connected the website to more than five different marketing channels and began driving an ever-growing traffic to the website. 


We generated a number of new sales. In 2 inaugural months's period, we achieved a 20% increase in revenue, compared to previous year. Campaign has a precise aim to the targeted audience and therefore is 20% cheaper and 30% more effective.

24% revenue increase

20% less ad cost

x3 site visits

From The Client

“Great job! The website looks nice, and marketing finally starts to pay off. Thanks!”

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