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Search Engine Optimization

Imagine your website appearing among top 5 search results on the first page of Google. Without paid advertising.

Do you often find yourself browsing for search results on page #4? We neither. Our SEO strategies will earn your site a higher ranking in Google's search results. Higher ranking means more people visiting your website without extra expenses on paid advertising.

You just can't ignore SEO. It defines your website's loading speed, evaluates the quality of your content and connects your online engagement into a social web around your site. Let us handle SEO for you, as we are trained on the latest guidelines from all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo.

SEO is a holistic effort by Google (primarily) to understand who you are and what your business does across the web.

Competition and Keyword Research

Picasso once said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal". We would form you a list of competitors (might get useful), analyze their content and layout, and present you with our best SEO strategy.

Local Awareness

Your business should be easily found on any digital map out there. We make sure that information about it is spread across all available online geographical services and platforms.

Clean Code

To gain advantage over competitors, the code of your website has to be well-written and correctly structured. We run numerous tests to point out the weak spots and errors, fix them and report back.

On-Page Optimization

We will make your content easily accessible to search engines. Bots, that scan your website for changes and updates, will effortlessly find their way around and boost your online rating.


A small unprotected website is exposed to many threats like malware, hacking, spy worms, etc. We prevent such intrusions with highly encrypted SSL certificates, firewall and antivirus software.

Meta Information and Content

Content is king. Meta information is queen. Often times search engines need additional tips to determine the purpose of your content. We surround the texts with extra meta information.

You usually wonder:

How long will it take for my website to appear on the first page of Google?
It depends on few key aspects - site content, page speed, code clarity and competition. Usually it takes 4-6 months to achieve significant results.

Surpass your competition

Do you want to have a solid presence online?

Search Engine Optimization

Let us hand-hold and guide you through everything SEO.

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