Vesta AS Customer Attraction


Vesta AS is a cleaning company that serves both private and corporate clients and strives to make their everyday life as shiny as possible. They specialize in cleaning apartments, offices, industrial kitchens, construction sites, etc.

User-friendly web design showed great results in User Experience tests
Constant growth of online traffic to the website
Advanced CRM system made all business processes as easy as it can possibly get.


This lean startup needed to quickly land some initial clients in order to start profiting. They needed a website, a CRM system and an online promotion to get things going.


We combined a landing page experience with an innovative eCommerce solution, allowing website visitors to purchase cleaning packages, based on their requirements. When web development was done, we began an aggressive advertising campaign through Google and Facebook. On top of that, we supported this campaign with email marketing and content delivery, Search Engine Optimization and special offers for the masses.


In just 3 months, we gained a steady 40+ site unique visitors per day. Potential clients contact the company on a daily basis. Their return on investment reaches 227%.

3x traffic to the site

227% ROI

From The Client

“Starting from day 1, Nordic IT Solutions let us focus on scaling the business instead of managing all the complicated IT stuff. Thanks to these guys, we were able to raise our standards to the whole new level.”

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